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CLEAR + BRILLIANT® complete treatment is the perfect solution to restoring youthful skin glow. 

While it is necessary to maintain a skincare routine, you may find yourself batling the early signs of aging while keeping up with your routine. That’s where the laser treatment comes in. It is a non-invasive procedure that offers a quick solution with unparalleled safety standards while helping improve and maintain healthy-looking skin. Designed with a smart-tip fractional laser technology and advanced precision energy delivery system, the procedure ensures consistent application on all areas of the skin. That way, you get youthful, radiant skin in an instant.

Laser Facial Treatment

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A Customizable Treatment
With two treatment options, you can customize your session to get your desired treatment outcome for your face, chest, or hands. The innovative fractional laser technology is redesigned to target more specific skin concerns with its dual-wavelength technology.
No Surgery or Injections
Non-invasive, with no cutting and no needles. It can also be used to complement other procedures.
Quick and Effective
One 30- to 45-minute treatment session can leave your skin feeling more youthful, smoother, and radiant. Typical brilliant laser treatments will only need the application of a numbing cream on the treatment area prior to the actual procedure. Your skincare professional will perform the laser treatment through guiding the laser across treatment areas — simple and straightforward yet effective.
Little to No Downtime
Treatments are quick and gentle with little to no downtime, so you can resume your day-to-day activities right after. You can also jump right back onto your skincare routine the following day.
Noticeable Results
With two treatment options via the dual-wavelength technology, you can customize your session to get your desired treatment outcome for your face, chest, or hands. This personalized treatment allows a more direct target to specific skin concerns for better and more noticeable results.
Original Treatment

The original laser treatment goes deep beneath the skin’s surface to help:

  • Minimize fine lines
  • Reduce the appearance of pores
  • Boost collagen production
Perméa® Treatment

The Perméa® treatment directs the wavelengths on your skin’s interior to target skin pigmentation and skin tone, which helps: 

  • Even skin tones (applicable for any skin type)
  • Minimize the appearance of pigment
  • Improve the ability of the skin to absorb skincare products


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