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Alternative to Eyelash Extensions: How to Grow Your Lashes Naturally

Eyelash extensions can make your eyes look more beautiful, but they may not be the best way to achieve thicker, fuller eyelashes. If not done well, eyelash extensions can cause you to lose your natural lashes permanently. 

Fortunately, there is a way to grow your lashes naturally using an FDA-approved solution. In this article, you’ll learn how eyelash extensions are attached, what they do to your lashes in the long term, and what you can do instead to enhance your natural lashes. 

Let’s get dive right in.

Attaching Eyelash Extensions

Professional eyelash technicians will carefully check your natural lash line and eye shape to give you the best type of lash extensions. They use two common techniques for attaching extensions to your eyelashes:

  • Bundle Method – Eyelash technicians use ready-made extensions consisting of 2 to 5 strands of hair. This is a faster method of attaching extensions compared to a ciliary building.
  • Ciliary Building – This is the Japanese technique of lengthening your eyelashes. One or several extensions are glued to each natural eyelash. 

You must be in a comfortable place where you can sit back and relax. It takes about 2 hours to finish the application.

How Long Eyelash Extensions Last

Eyelash extensions last for a few weeks, depending on the natural growth cycle of your lashes. As your eyelash grows, you will start seeing unsightly gaps on your lash line, and you may need to have your extensions removed and replaced. 

Safety of Eyelash Extensions

Lash extensions are made from synthetic, faux mink, or silk fibers, and attached to your eyelashes using glue. Some people may be sensitive to these fibers or the material in the glue. In this case, they may develop an allergic reaction. 

If extensions are not properly attached, these could pull on your natural eyelashes and cause damage, eventually leading to lash hair fall. When extensions are not properly maintained, sebum and dust will gather in the follicles which could harm your eyelashes. 

The Natural Way to Grow Eyelashes

Eyelash growth serums containing peptides, biotin, and hyaluronic acid are best for growing lashes naturally. These ingredients provide your lashes with the protein and nutrients it needs for growth. One example of an eyelash growth serum is Latisse®. Developed by Allergan in 2001 as a treatment for eye pressure, people who use the eye drop started having longer and fuller eyelashes. It was a side effect of the medication.

Grow your lashes naturally with Latisse from Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center.

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