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Best Acne Treatments For Stress Acne

Everyone wants clear skin. For those suffering from acne, clear skin can be hard to imagine. At Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center, we offer the best acne treatments for a variety of causes, including stress acne. Stress acne is caused during periods when your stress hormones are elevated:

  • Acne flare-ups are more common during periods of high-stress levels. 
  • Since we cannot eliminate stress from our lives completely, developing an effective stress management strategy would help combat the negative effects of stress in your life and help you maintain clear skin.  
  • While there is no definitive correlation proven just yet, some scientists believe that stress hormones increase the biological activity of oil glands, which lead to oily skin.
  • Using a daily face wash and acne creams with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide is a great way to combat acne, regardless of stress levels. 

Skincare products are a great way to keep acne at bay, but sometimes there is more to the puzzle. Today we’re going to talk about a very normal part of life that none of us want to deal with – that’s right, stress. Stress affects us in nearly every aspect of our lives, and our skin is no different. During periods of intense stress, we are more prone to acne flare-ups. Given that stress is inevitable, learning to deal with it is the most realistic approach. Let’s discuss how we can manage our stress and some tips for skincare. 


What Causes Stress Acne?

Stanford University sought out to prove this with their own students by evaluating changes in acne during exam periods, which are correlated with an increased level of stress hormones. They discovered that students reported higher levels of stress and that their acne displayed an increase in severity as well. The study also accounted for other factors such as lifestyle changes during demanding exam periods. 

A more recent study in Saudi Arabia confirmed the same hypothesis by studying a sample of 144 medical students well into their program. They concluded that students with a higher perceived stress score also suffered higher severity of acne.

Now that the correlation between stress and acne is pretty clear, the real question is how exactly does stress increase the severity of flare-ups? The jury is still out on whether increased stress leads to greater sebum production, so we don’t have a definitive answer on that one yet. 

Manage Your Stress Levels with Good Lifestyle Choices

While we don’t have all of the finer details just yet, one fact remains clear – managing chronic stress levels will have a positive impact on your skin, acne, and your life in general. Easier said than done you say, sure, but it’s not impossible either. Let’s look at a few simple ways to reduce your stress: 

  • Exercise – Exercise is one of the most effective methods of reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Your body releases endorphins during exercise which helps give you energy and lift your spirits. 
  • Sleep – According to the American Psychological Association, even slight sleep deprivation can affect your memory, judgment, and mood. As a good lifestyle habit, make sure to get enough rest every day. When you are lacking sleep, you’re more likely to see even minor setbacks as major obstacles.
  • Diet – Healthy eating habits can help you reduce your stress. A well-balanced diet will include plenty of nutrients that help you to utilize the calories you ingest and give you the energy to tackle your day. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol is another way that a good diet helps to avoid stress. 

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A healthy lifestyle makes a huge difference in skincare, but that’s not the only part of the equation. As we previously mentioned, studies are still underway to determine whether or not stress leads to increased sebum production. This may affect individuals differently, so it’s a safe assumption that you want to wash your face more often during periods of intense stress. 

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