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Do you struggle with acne? If so, you’re not alone. This disease ranks among the top 10 most frequently occurring conditions globally.

While most people think of acne as a teen problem, it can be much bigger. Some individuals may experience persistent acne flares throughout their life. This can lead to a significant impact on business, social, and interpersonal relationships.

Today you have many avenues for treatment. One quick and painless option is Aerolase® Lightpod Neo® Corrective laser for acne. Keep reading to learn about this effective approach to improve your skin appearance,

Psychological Impact of Acne

The psychological impact of having acne is real and may alter an individual’s lifestyle. They may avoid parties, business interactions, and find other ways to “hide”. It’s estimated that between 90 and 100 percent of adolescents experience acne.

This skin condition can last beyond the teen years. Yet, it often starts during a period of significant psychosocial pattern development. It may limit the person’s confidence and lead to a poor self-image.

Many acne patients develop permanent scarring which further impacts their psychological state. This occurs equally in both genders.

Acne treatments offer a significant improvement in this condition. It can also reduce self-consciousness, embarrassment, anxiety, depression, and anger. This helps improve self-confidence and interpersonal interactions.

What Is Aerolase® Lightpod Neo® Corrective Laser Treatment?

Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center offers Aerolase® Lightpod Neo® corrective laser for acne treatment. It is the world’s fastest laser beam.

This medical laser is often called the “lunchtime laser”. That’s because it only takes 15 minutes or less to complete.

You don’t need any type of anesthesia because there are zero discomforts. This provides a safe, tolerable, and effective option. It also rejuvenates all skin tones and types.

The Aerolase® Lightpod Neo® attracts melanin, water, and hemoglobin in the skin tissue. Drawing these components back into the skin reduces the impact of aging. Thus, you regain clearer, healthy skin, even with the darkest tones.

Aerolase® Lightpod Neo® Corrective Laser for Acne

So how does this type of laser treatment improve acne? It’s important to understand why acne occurs. It’s a problem with the hair follicles and the sebaceous (oil) glands.

The sebaceous gland’s purpose is to keep the skin moist by secreting oils. When these glands become clogged, it causes oil-filled sacs (cysts) and pimples.

During the treatment, the laser heats the Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes bacteria). The Aerolase® Lightpod Neo® reaches deeper than other lasers.

This kills the P. acnes bacteria in and around the sebaceous glands. The swelling and pain caused by pressure from clogged glands are immediately relieved.

Often the hair shaft and follicle are also targeted with the laser. The goal is to decrease the amount of sebum (oil) that’s produced. This reduces the incidence of ingrown hairs and oil buildup.

Your doctor may recommend this treatment if you have persistent acne conditions. These may include acne on dark skin or on the torso. It’s also effective for cystic and severe acne.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Acne Laser Treatment?

Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center’s staff is always ready to discuss your unique situation. They can help you decide if Aerolase® Lightpod Neo® laser treatment is right for you.

Good candidates include those who haven’t experienced positive outcomes from other therapies. It’s also a good choice if you can’t or prefer not to take oral medication such as isotretinoin.

Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

When P. acnes bacteria builds up in the sebaceous gland it blocks the openings (pores). The bacteria creates an infection causing painful, red bumps. This cycle can recur in the same area which damages the skin and leaves a scar.

Squeezing these areas also leads to skin damage and scarring. There are different types of acne scars.

Ice pick scars leave a deep, V-shaped indention in the skin. Rolling scars appear flatter and involve larger areas. They may look pigmented or shiny.

Box scarring described an area that’s depressed with pronounced edges. Many times, some of the skin is missing which makes the disfiguration more prominent.

Hypertrophic scars appear as raised bumps. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation describes a temporary darkening of the skin. This isn’t a true scar.

The Aerolase® Lightpod Neo® laser treatment offers the best laser for acne scars. It stimulates the skin to make collagen.

This reduces redness, pigmentation, and the skin’s texture from deep in the skin. By adjusting the laser settings, the practitioner is able to treat red and brown scars.

What Is It Like to Have Laser for Acne and Scars?

Patients often sit in a reclined position. A handpiece passes over the treatment area. The session only takes 15 minutes or less.

You won’t feel discomfort and can immediately return to normal activities. Also, there’s no residual swelling or redness after the treatment. Many people see significant results after only three or four weeks.

Your provider may recommend further sessions to decrease scarring. The goal is to achieve the best outcome possible.

Would You Like to Improve the Appearance of Your Skin?

Do you have persistent acne or acne scarring? Aerolase® Lightpod Neo® Corrective laser for acne offers an effective treatment option. The Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center promotes a nurturing patient environment.

We understand that many clients feel embarrassed by their skin. Our expert team will work with you to develop a personalized care plan. We offer quality, cutting-edge therapies to achieve a total rejuvenation experience.

Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center’s team consists of highly trained, licensed medical professionals. You will always receive competitive pricing for all procedures so you can feel your best.

Schedule a free consultation today to learn about our treatment options.