You are currently viewing Prep Your Summer Look with Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center’s June Specials!

Prep Your Summer Look with Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center’s June Specials!

Summer is finally here, and it’s time to prep your look with Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center’s June specials! Whether you’re looking to tone your muscles, brighten your smile, or improve your intimate life, you can count on us! 

This month, we are offering exciting promos on Evolve muscle toning, teeth brightening, laser hair removal, and sexual wellness shots so be sure to book your appointment before these promos are over! 

Evolve Muscle Toning Session: $175 

Get ready to feel the burn and sculpt your muscles with our Evolve muscle-toning session!  And guess what? It’s Buy One Get One FREE! That’s right, you can get two sessions for one value! 

If you’re ready to embrace the burn, challenge yourself, and take your fitness journey to the next level, our Evolve muscle-toning session promo is the perfect opportunity. Get ready to flex those abs and achieve your summer body goals!


Teeth Brightening: $149 

Imagine the confidence you’ll exude when you can laugh, speak, and show off your stunning teeth. Zero hesitation. Just 100% confidence! With our Teeth Brightening promo, you’ll no longer need to rely on filters or clever angles to capture the perfect selfie. 

Every photo will showcase your brilliant smile, capturing the attention of friends, colleagues, and admirers alike. Make your summer selfies absolutely stunning with your pearly white teeth for just $149! 


GI Joe Laser Hair Removal Package: 6 Sessions for $799

Aren’t you tired of the constant shaving, painful waxing, and tedious upkeep? Because we are! 

Liberate yourself from the hassle of unwanted hair with our exclusive GI Joe Laser Hair Removal Package. For the price of $799, you get 6 laser hair removal sessions! 

Why waste valuable time and energy on temporary hair removal solutions when you can invest in a permanent solution? Our advanced laser technology targets and eliminates unwanted hair at the root. 

The best part? There’s no downtime or pain and the results are long-lasting. Your skin can stay smooth, fresh, and ready to take on any challenge beyond the summer! 


Séxual Wellness: $1,099 

Do you know what time it is? It’s time to spice up your intimate life! 

Our P-shot and O-shot treatments enhance sensation, improve pleasure, and boost blood flow. These wellness injections use your own body’s natural growth factors (PRP) to improve your well-being without surgery or downtime. 

Rediscover the joy and pleasure in your relationship, and embark on a journey of ultimate satisfaction! 


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