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Are you worried about the sagging skin on your stomach or thighs? No matter how many sit-ups, crunches, squats, or other exercises you do, that saggy skin never seems to go away, does it? There are many different types of treatment out on the market today, from topical creams to pills that claim to eliminate fat and reduce wrinkles. However, the efficacy of these may not meet the outcomes you’re looking for. This is where body sculpting can help.


Body Sculpting Treatments That Deliver

At Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center, we offer EvolveTrim, EvolveTone, and EvolveTite to mold your body into your desired tight and toned figure. Evolve Body Sculpting is an innovative technology that uses radiofrequency to eliminate fat, tighten skin, and also tone muscle. If you have tried other fat loss treatments that have failed to sculpt your body, our team can help.

With our industry-leading technology and expertise, we help our patients realize their body goals. Our Evolve Body Sculpting treatments include:

EvolveTrim Body Sculpting

EvolveTrim combines radiofrequency energy, deep tissue heating, and vacuum design to provide clients with their desired results. It is designed as a safe and non-invasive treatment to target cellulite and sculpt your body. During your treatment, you may experience a tugging feeling. However, there is no pain involved. Based on your initial consultation, our experts will help you determine the number of treatments required to get your desired results. If you are looking for a non-invasive, safe way to rid yourself of fat and cellulite, look no farther than EvolveTrim.

EvolveTite Body Sculpting

Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center utilizes this non-invasive technology to remodel our clients’ skin, providing them with a tighter and younger-looking appearance. EvolveTite uses A.C.E (Acquire, Control, and Extend) technology to ensure that treated areas are optimally treated to give our patients their desired results. Additionally, EvolveTite can even improve blood circulation. Discover how we’re using this innovative technology to turn back the aging clock, today.

EvolveTone Body Sculpting

Are you looking for a defined and toned appearance? Finding it hard to build muscle despite rigorous exercise? Then, EvolveTone is the solution you need. It is a safe and non-invasive way to build muscle strength and tone the body. It uses the revolutionary technology of EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) to increase strength and give you a toned finish. Why choose surgical options when EvolveTone is safe, effective, and quick? Additionally, it can target specific muscle groups, requires no downtime, and can be completed on your lunch break. Our physicians can also determine the number of treatment sessions needed to acquire your optimal results. Therefore, don’t wait, start your journey to a defined body today!
Sculpt Your Dream Body at Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center
Our experts are helping our clients sculpt, tone, and tighten their bodies! We specialize in the industry’s leading technology in fat reduction and anti-aging. Looking to get rid of pesky fat that just won’t go away, despite tiresome workouts and boring diets? We can help. Schedule a consultation today with our professionals and start your body sculpting journey!


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