Psoriasis Treatment in Pepperpike, Ohio
The telltale signs of a youthful look are tight, smooth skin. However, conditions like psoriasis can challenge that and cause you to age prematurely. When we begin to notice changes to our appearance it can be frightening and even disheartening. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that you have options that can boost your confidence once again. According to the Psoriasis Foundation, 8 million Americans currently suffer from psoriasis. You are not alone.
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Body & Contouring Treatments
We invite you to get one step closer to the figure you have always dreamed of with non-surgical body contouring treatments. Millions of people suffer with body issues and concerns. Even with a good diet and exercise routine, many people still struggle with stubborn pockets of fat, loose sagging skin, unwanted cellulite or unsightly leg or facial veins. With the advancements in technology many patients are unaware that there are non- surgical options to get the body you deserve. Today's treatments target the largest variety in body contorting, skin tightening or unsightly veins. Our optimal correction protocols are designed to safely and effectively treat the multiple concerns that we all face, no one is alone in this journey, and Cosmetic Rejuvenation center is here to help.

What Causes Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic condition caused by the overproduction of skin cells, that results in scaly, dry skin. Psoriasis itself is an autoimmune condition, meaning, your white blood cells attack your healthy skin cells. Often, people suffering from psoriasis will experience cracking skin that can bleed, along with many other symptoms:

● Reddened, inflamed skin

● White scales/patches on inflamed skin

● Dry, cracked, and bleeding skin

● Itching, burning, and soreness around patches

● Thick nais

● Swollen and painful joints

These symptoms can come and go through cycles, lasting days to weeks. The specific causes of psoriasis are still widely unknown, but you are at greater risk if you have type 2 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, heart disease, psoriatic arthritis, anxiety, or depression.

Traditional Treatments for Psoriasis

Often, psoriasis is treated with corticosteroids, medications, and topical creams. However, these can often lead to serious side effects, so although you are treating one condition it could lead to the development of another. For example, corticosteroids are the most widely used treatment for psoriasis. Often, these will result in flare ups if treatment is discontinued and can lead to the development of acne, joint pain, and fatigue.

Laser Treatments for Psoriasis

Fortunately, there are new and exciting technologies and therapies that can help you manage and relieve your psoriasis. At Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center, we are excited to offer Aerolase Lightpod Neo to enhance your skin and alleviate your psoriasis. This laser has a collimated laser beam that targets deep below the surface to restructure the skin from the inside. Thus, treating even the deepest layers of your skin. Our experts use this laser treatment to target a variety of medical and cosmetic conditions to rejuvenate the skin.With the Aerolase Lightpod Neo and industry-leading knowledge, our medical practitioners are able to revitalize your skin with little to no downtime.

Find Psoriasis Relief With Our World Class Laser Treatments

Have you been suffering from the symptoms of psoriasis? Worried about the risks with traditional treatments? Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center has solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our premier laser treatments and get back to loving your skin.

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