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Restore Youthful Appearance with Sculptra

Did you know that almost 90% of people have one or more fears about getting old?

It’s natural to be afraid of aging, but the good news is that you can do something about it. When it comes to the ability to restore youth, humanity has made a lot of technological advancements. The Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center champions this technology, including Sculptra.

Are you asking yourself, “What is Sculptra?” Keep reading to learn all about how you can restore youthful appearances with Sculptra.


What Is Sculptra?


Put in the simplest terms possible, Sculptra is a brand of dermal filler. Dermal fillers are non-toxic substances that a professional can inject at strategic points and depths beneath the skin. By smoothing out wrinkles and other lines, dermal fillers can give someone a much younger appearance.

As if that wasn’t amazing enough, dermal fillers like Sculptra can help get rid of acne scars and nasolabial folds. Are you lacking confidence about other facial features? The Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center often uses Sculptra to counteract sunken cheeks, add a fuller pout to lips, and even give a more defined look to noses and chins.

When it comes to Sculptra, in particular, you can expect the filler to be injected at a deep level. That way, it can help maintain and give structure to the face while also encouraging your body’s natural collagen production. In most cases, Sculptra is used to reduce severe wrinkles on the face.

These wrinkles could be anywhere but are often localized around the nasolabial folds, marionette lines, around the chin, and elsewhere. The Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center uses Sculptra because it’s one of the most popular fillers and has been proven to give wonderful results. The stimulation of collagen production goes a long way toward filling out the face in a way that looks natural and beautiful.

If you’re wondering how Sculptra is made, you’ll be glad to know that this filler is constructed from the lactic acid that occurs in your body. The exact term for it is poly-L-lactic acid or PLLA for short. Unlike other fillers, Sculptra can be reversed if you ever want to get rid of it.


How Much Is It?


If you’re ready to restore youth, you might be wondering how much Sculptra will cost. Simply put, this depends on what kind of work you want to get done. For instance, it would cost more to get several injections across your face than it would to get just one.

You could expect to pay as little as $500 for one session or as much as $2,500. It could be even higher than that but when it comes to an investment in your confidence and long-term looks, money is no object.

To get the most accurate quote possible for your wrinkle treatment, it’s important to have a consultation with an expert at the Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center. Not only can they give you a quote but they can also walk you through the process step by step and answer any other questions you might have.

If you receive a quote that’s too high for your budget, don’t worry. A lot of professionals are open to giving finance plans so that you can get your beauty treatment now but pay later.


What’s the Procedure Like?


Before you receive the A&C treatment, you’ll need to attend a detailed consultation, as mentioned. You can expect to receive questions about your medical history, any allergies, and other aspects that could affect the procedure.

After this, you’ll schedule an appointment for the procedure. This could be the same day or it may need to be later, depending on availabilities. Once you make it to your appointment, a professional will apply a topical anesthetic at the areas of injection.

The application of an anesthetic is painless and will allow you to receive your injections with little to no discomfort. You’ll be glad to know that the injections don’t use big needles. With that in mind, you can expect multiple injections with a small needle.

In general, there should be no issue with you returning to your regular activities for the day right after receiving this FDA-approved treatment. An expert from the Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center will let you know if there are any special instructions you need to follow based on your unique needs.


How Long Does it Take?


The actual injections shouldn’t take any longer than 40 minutes and are sometimes as quick as 15 minutes. While it’s possible to receive results from the injections right away, it’s more likely that you’ll need time for the Sculptra to work its magic. It could take several weeks or even a few months, so having patience is important.

Patients who are on the older side of the spectrum and have a thinner overall physique will probably need more sessions to get the results they want. The same is true of people who exercise vigorously on a regular basis. It’s possible for a patient to need 3 or even as many as 6 sessions.

When it comes to potential symptoms after treatment, common ones include some pain, bleeding, tenderness, itchiness, redness, and possibly some bump formations. Since these side effects are common and temporary, you shouldn’t worry unless they’re severe and don’t go away.

Since Sculptra is a non-invasive treatment, you can rest easy knowing that it’s safe for most people who use it.


What Is Sculptra? Now You Know


Has a friend or family member asked you, “What is Sculptra?” Now that you’ve learned all about it, you can tell them how they can restore their youthful appearances. After all, no one should have to see themselves age without being able to do something about it.

Come by the Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center to receive the greatest anti-aging treatments on the market. Best of all, our methods are non-invasive.

Feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation or ask us any questions you may have. We look forward to speaking with you.