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Say Yes to Beauty: The Benefits of an Injectable BBL

There is a growing trend for buttock augmentations in the United States, with the Aesthetic Society reporting 61,387 procedures done in the country last year. With the likes of Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, and Kim Kardashian flaunting their voluptuous behinds and accentuated figures, more and more women are following suit to increase their body confidence. In fact, in Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes, the multi-award-winning television screenwriter encourages women to embrace new changes that increase happiness and self-acceptance. In one section of the book, she zeroes in on making choices to feel beautiful and help with self-love.

Although the standard is still to eat nutritious food and exercise regularly, cosmetic procedures can also be one approach to achieve a more positive disposition towards one’s physical appearance. The changing times have brought changes in body preferences, and the current trend is to plump up one’s posteriors. Now, a curvy body is achievable through nonsurgical procedures such as dermatological fillers. Today, we’ll focus on one type of enhancement—the injectable Brazilian butt lift (BBL).

Here are four benefits of an injectable BBL:

1. It is non-invasive

The Brazilian butt lift was pioneered by Brazilian plastic surgeon Ivo Pitangay. The original procedure was developed as invasive liposuction, where the patient is positioned facedown under general anesthesia. Fat is grated from different areas of the body, then injected back into the buttocks and hips. Injectable BBL, on the other hand, is the nonsurgical solution to buttocks enhancement. It does not require sutures or incisions and can be done in half an hour with instantly noticeable results. It involves carefully injecting a filler into the targeted muscles to sculpt a firm appearance. The results of the injectable BBL can last up to two years while stimulating one’s own natural collagen production.

2. It requires less recovery time

Because injectable BBLs are nonsurgical, they do not require downtime or extensive recovery periods. Some patients ​​can even return to work the same day or the next. The procedure may start with some sterilization and a topical anesthetic applied to the injection site; then, the injectables are used on the target areas of enhancement. Patients who wish to achieve dramatic volume changes may need additional treatments. To ensure their safety, the patients will receive an evaluation from a licensed medical professional before getting cleared to return to normal physical activities.

3. It has minimal side effects

Because patients do not have to go under the knife for an injectable BBL, there are no significant side effects to be expected from the procedure. There may be some soreness or aching in the gluteal area, which should subside in a few weeks. Unlike the surgical route, there is no need to have significant lifestyle adjustments. But, as with any injection procedure, you may be instructed to sleep on your side for a few weeks to avoid pain and pressure at the injection site.

4. It boosts overall confidence

Besides bringing natural-looking enhancement to your buttocks, injectable BBLs can provide additional benefits or serve other purposes. Aside from adding overall volume and lift, they can be used to restore volume and skin thickness. They can also be used to correct hip asymmetries or dips and minimize cellulite dimpling. This procedure can even be combined with other non-invasive treatments such as CoolSculpting to help achieve your overall desired figure.

It’s possible to achieve a fuller-looking derrière without going through surgery. The benefits of injectable BBLs are immense, making them an excellent fit for women wanting to boost their self-esteem, reach their aesthetic goals, and enhance their body image.

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