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The His & Hers PRP Sexual Wellness Shot: Treating Urinary Incontinence and Sexual Rejuvenation

Sexual Wellness PRP – for Men and Women


Urinary incontinence and problems in the bedroom can be hard on both women and men. Here’s how the Sexual Wellness PRP shots can increase sexual wellness.


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Over time, rates of urinary incontinence have shot straight up in the United States alone. This comes alongside issues with sexual health and other problems in the same area in both men and women. Knowing how to avoid this, or reverse any problems you encounter, is very important.

This article will explain what the his and hers sexual wellness shots are, as well as how they can help you. By the end of the article, you will learn how this procedure can help you in the bedroom and other areas. So, what are you waiting for?


The Orgasim/Sexual Wellness PRP-Shot: What Is It?


The Female Sexual Wellness-Shot, also called the “Orgasm Shot”, is a non-surgical treatment. It is often administered by a doctor and involves injecting the vagina with platelet-rich plasma (PRP). A specialist will create this PRP from the patient’s blood supply, meaning it is well-suited for the patient’s body.

This is a fast procedure and can offer several positive results. It rejuvenates and restores healthy skin and tissue in the area that has received the injection. It also promotes blood flow around the affected location.

Over time, this can start to improve the vagina’s appearance as well as the sensitivity of the nerve endings that are around the area.

For many patients, this process can improve their lives to a very large degree. Not only can it give people a renewal of sexual health, but it can also improve the other functions of one’s body.If a patient receives this shot during menopause, it can even reduce the symptoms that they feel stemming from this time in a woman’s life.


What Benefits Does It Have?


The Orgasm Sexual Wellness-Shot has many great many benefits, both in the bedroom and outside. It is not only the vagina but also the surrounding tissue that receives the effects. Thus, you may find extra benefits following the treatment.

Some of the changes you may find in your body after receiving a shot include:

  • Receiving a higher level of arousal from stimulation to your clitoris
  • Being able to boast a tighter vaginal opening
  • Smooth, younger-looking skin around the vagina
  • A stronger, more enjoyable orgasm
  • Easier, more frequent climaxes
  • Increased libido
  • A higher level of natural lubrication

There are also two other issues that the shot can resolve:

Dyspareunia. The shot can reduce the sensitivity for those suffering from painful intercourse.

Urinary incontinence. Following the procedure, you may have a greater level of control over your bladder and surrounding muscles.


The Sexual Wellnes PRP Male-Shot: What Is It?


The Sexual Wellness Male Shot is like the female shot, except that it involves a different organ. The process takes platelet-rich plasma and injects it into your penile tissue, or a specific area in the penis to solve a local issue. Again, our doctors produce the PRP from your body’s blood supply, so it is not an injection made from dangerous chemicals or medicines.

PRP therapy is a very common treatment and sports athletes have used it to improve their performance or help them through injuries. Thus, it stands to reason that this can give you a similar boost.

Many people have reported better performance and stamina after making use of a PRP shot in this way. A PRP shot is very popular for helping the penis achieve its peak effectiveness. This is because of three main reasons:

Reduce unwanted inflammation. While you might sometimes want an enlarged penis for various reasons, you want it to be in a healthy and normal way. PRP shots are an advanced method of promoting a fast, safe method of reducing inflammation and unwanted swelling.

Minimally invasive. PRP therapy does not need surgery and is both fast and easy to undergo. It involves your doctor removing a very small amount of blood from a vein elsewhere in your body. They then alter it to be more effective, before injecting it into your genital region.

The region is even anesthetized before the procedure, so there is very little sensitivity during the process.


What Benefits Does It Have?


After receiving the Sexual Wellness Male Shot, you may find that it can improve sexual stamina. The procedure is not only designed to improve your sexual wellness, though.

You may find that you have the following results:

  • Stronger erections that feel firmer to both you and your partner
  • Erections that are easier to achieve
  • Longer-lasting erections
  • Increased penile length
  • Increased penile girth
  • Greater penis sensitivity, allowing for greater sexual enjoyment
  • Better blood flow to the penis

The PRP shot to the penile tissue can also resolve existing issues in the penis. This includes:

Peyronie’s Disease. Receiving the P-Shot can improve the curvature in the penis caused by this condition. It can even resolve the issue, helping the penis regain its natural shape.

Erectile pain. If you suffer from painful erections, the P-Shot can reduce this pain over time.


How Do These Procedures Work?


Platelet-rich plasma contains several proteins or growth factors. These are often released into the body in the location of injection. When the body detects these factors, it activates stem cells and begins a form of bodily repair.

As the PRP-shot works in the region, new blood vessels form and the body begins to produce collagen. The tissues of the body start repairing themselves, healing problems that have appeared over time.

This can repair and regenerate the affected region. This can not only repair existing issues. Also, it has the potential to give someone results over and above what they would otherwise see in the treated region.


More About the Male & Female Sexual Wellness PRP Shots


Now you understand more about what the shots can do for you, you should be able to make a much more informed decision about if you want one. If you still need information, we are here to help you out.

You can either send us a message, phone us, or come into our clinic if you want to talk about your options. So, drop in and find out how we can help you get the best out of your sexual wellness and incontinance needs.