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What Is Dermaplaning? Cost, Benefits, & Downtime

Dermaplaning is an exfoliating hair removal treatment for rejuvenating the skin without chemicals. Safe for most skin types with little to no downtime.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished there was an easy way to get rid of peach fuzz without resorting to painful waxing or daily shaving? Introducing dermaplaning. This method promises not just to remove those pesky peach fuzz but also to renew your skin. But what is dermaplaning exactly, and could it be the answer to your skincare woes?


What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a cosmetic procedure that involves a trained aesthetician or dermatologist using a sterile, surgical scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dead skin cells and peach fuzz from the face. This process not only removes unwanted hair but also exfoliates the skin, revealing a smoother, brighter complexion.


Is Dermaplaning the Same as Shaving?

While dermaplaning may sound similar to shaving, there are key differences. Unlike traditional shaving, dermaplaning is performed at a specific angle and with a level of precision that cannot be achieved with a standard razor. This method not only removes hair but also more effectively exfoliates the skin, which can enhance the effectiveness of skincare products and give a smoother canvas for makeup.


What Are the Benefits of Dermaplaning?

Peach fuzz dermaplaning offers several benefits from rejuvenating your skin to improving product absorption. Here are the benefits of dermaplaning in detail: 


Improved Skin Texture and Tone

By meticulously removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells, dermaplaning can significantly diminish the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. This gives your skin a more youthful and plump appearance. For those struggling with acne scars or areas of hyperpigmentation, dermaplaning can help in gradually fading these blemishes for a more uniform and smooth skin tone. This exfoliation process not only refreshes your complexion but also stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells for long-term skin health.


Enhanced Product Absorption

Dermaplaning’s ability to strip away the top layer of dead skin makes your skin more receptive to skincare products. This means that the active ingredients in your serums, moisturizers, and treatments can penetrate more deeply and effectively for optimal benefits. As a result, you may notice that your skincare products perform better and deliver more noticeable results after a dermaplaning session.


Smoother Makeup Application

Dermaplaning is often a choice, especially before big events where a flawless makeup finish is desired. By eliminating both peach fuzz and dead skin cells, your skin becomes smoother and more even. This allows for a more seamless and flawless makeup application. Foundations and powders glide on without clinging to tiny hairs or uneven skin surfaces. This helps create a more professional, airbrushed look. 


What Treatments Are Often Combined With Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is often combined with other spa treatments because it enhances overall skin health and appearance. Some popular combinations include:

Chemical Peels: Dermaplaning can be used as a preparatory step before a chemical peel. It removes the superficial layer of dead skin, allowing the peel to penetrate more deeply and evenly. This combination can be particularly effective for addressing issues like hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and uneven texture.

Facials: Combining dermaplaning with a facial can provide a more thorough and effective treatment. After dermaplaning removes the dead skin cells and vellus hair, the facial can further cleanse, hydrate, and nourish the skin, leaving it exceptionally smooth and rejuvenated.

Hydrating Serums and Masks: Post-dermaplaning, the skin is more receptive to hydrating and nourishing products. Applying serums or masks immediately after dermaplaning can significantly enhance their absorption and efficacy, providing deeper hydration and nourishment.

LED Light Therapy: This therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to treat various skin issues. When combined with dermaplaning, LED light therapy can be more effective, as the removal of dead skin cells allows better light penetration.

Microneedling: Dermaplaning before microneedling can enhance the results. By removing the outer layer of dead skin, dermaplaning ensures that the microneedling treatment reaches the more active layers of the skin more effectively.

Oxygen Treatments: Oxygen facials post-dermaplaning can be quite beneficial. The oxygen treatment hydrates the skin and promotes collagen production, which complements the exfoliation effects of dermaplaning.


Is There Downtime?

One of the appealing aspects of dermaplaning is it has no to little downtime. Most people can return to their normal activities immediately after the treatment. Some may experience slight redness or sensitivity for a few hours post-treatment, but this typically subsides quickly. Most people describe the dermaplaning experience as painless and surprisingly comfortable.


Is Dermaplaning Safe?

When performed by a trained professional, dermaplaning is generally safe. Individuals with sensitive skin who might find other exfoliating methods too harsh will benefit with dermaplaning. Unlike chemical peels or abrasive scrubs, dermaplaning gently removes dead skin without the use of harsh chemicals or irritating exfoliants so it’s a suitable option for those who are prone to redness or irritation. 

Additionally, it’s a preferred method for pregnant or nursing women who are looking for a safe way to maintain their skin’s health and appearance without exposing themselves to potentially harmful chemicals. This gentle nature of dermaplaning makes it a highly recommended skincare option for a wide range of people seeking a non-invasive, yet effective, way to rejuvenate their skin.

However, it’s important to go to a reputable practitioner as improper technique can lead to cuts, infections, or scarring. It’s also important to disclose any skin conditions or allergies to ensure the procedure is appropriate for you.


How Much is Dermaplaning?

The cost of dermaplaning can vary depending on your location, your provider’s experience, and whether it’s combined with other treatments. It’s best to consult with a reputable dermaplaning provider in your area. 


Pamper Yourself with a Dermaplaning Session.

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